Mulching and Slashing

We have thousands of kilometers of seismic line cutting experience. 

We also have a considerable amount of experience cutting for commercial, industrial, government and residential.

Our mulchers are GPS guided and our operators are extensively trained and experienced. 

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Our mulching solutions tend to be highly customized. Clients generally come to us when they have a specific mulching objective - to protect against fire, to remove old dangerous trees, thinning and brushing, pasture clearing, stump removal, construction and maintenance of trails, clearing and maintenance of fence lines, maintenance of roads, etc. 

Chainsaw Services

We offer chainsaw services such as: tree removal, thinning, brushing, falling and slashing.

We have worked on fall and burn/pine beetle projects.

Most of our experience has been specific to seismic. 




For many years, our reclamation activities were related to seismic, oilfield and mining exploration.

Over the past couple years, we have gained experience in environmental reclamation.